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Deep within the core of each of us is limitless potential for joy and ever expanding awareness. I have held a lifelong commitment to a spiritual path, believing in our innate ability to awaken our consciousness far beyond what is commonly held as the mainstream experience. As a child, I just knew there was something ‘more’, and I have dedicated my life to finding and experiencing this.

I have a strong calling to create and hold spiritual space for individuals and groups. I am passionate about ritual, using ceremony in many of the courses that I run. I have over 20 years of experience of working with clients to support and empower them to make positive changes. My sessions have been described by my clients as "deeply transformational" "healing" “insightful” and “uplifting.”

Now, many years on, I recognise that spirituality is found in the present, not in questing after a future held idea of enlightenment. We are, today, everything that we need to be. We simply need to stop, be still and experience this from within. I have experienced that we have a greater ability to awaken to this knowledge when surrounded by like minded others, with each person holding a similar intent, and holding a space of acceptance and compassion for each other.

I have been practicing daily meditation and learning about ritual and ceremony since 1993. My spiritual foundations began with learning the craft of ritual from several teachers grounded in The Western Mystery Tradition and Qabalah. In 2006, I ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. I was drawn to study with the Interfaith Foundation through a heart-felt appreciation for the teachings of many diverse faiths and mystical traditions, and the belief that each faith is a facet of the one diamond that we call the Divine Presence. In 2008, I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher. In 2009/10 I undertook a mentoring, group facilitation and spiritual counselling programme with the Interfaith Foundation.

Meditation and ceremonial work form the basis of my own personal spiritual practice, using invocation and symbolism to bring about connection to the inner planes and to align the personality with the soul. I have a strong calling to the mythological and mystical teachings from Ancient Egypt. I am inspired by many traditions including African syncretism, Wicca, Non Duality and Hinduism including puja and Shakti worship. I am inspired by many contemporary teachers, including Byron Katie, Gangaji , Caroline Myss, Jack Kornfield and Julia Cameron.

Alongside my spiritual vocation, my professional life has been focused in social care, providing support services to vulnerable adults, working at management level within supported housing and mental health. I have delivered training, facilitated groups and provided personal and casework supervision to social care professionals.

It is my heart felt intention that all that I offer is infused with the spirit of loving kindness, acceptance and respect for our uniqueness. Through coming together in spiritual space, deep and lasting transformations can occur. When we make meaningful changes in our own lives, this in turn ripples out towards all that we encounter.

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