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Spiritual Counselling

Are you looking for a greater sense of fulfilment, serenity and joy? Would you like to be able to trust in life, relax and open your heart? Do you long to release resistance, let go of struggle and trust that everything is unfolding for your highest good?

When we are in alignment with the spiritual Source within, we can tap into the natural abundance that is there for all, whatever our external circumstances may be. Deep at the core of our being, there is a spiritual wellspring full of limitless potential and ever expanding awareness.

“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.” Viktor E. Frankl

Spiritual counselling is a gentle and powerful transformative talking therapy where you can share and explore whatever is on your mind and heart. The spiritual counsellor holds the space of loving kindness and acceptance. When we feel unconditionally accepted, we feel free to be ourselves without hindrance. When we let go of our defences, our perceptions widen and we can see new potential. We may then gently release whatever may be obstructing us from experiencing the natural joy of being alive. When we are in touch with our true nature, life flows effortlessly.

Spiritual Counselling can help with psychological issues such as:

~ depression and hopelessness

~ anxiety and fears

~ lack of motivation or feelings of being stuck or blocked

~ low self esteem or self doubt

~ relationship issues

~ grief and loss

~ uncertainty and indecision

Clients report increased feelings of peace and contentment, and a connection to their own spiritual core.

“After half a century in psychiatric practice, I know without a doubt that the source of addiction is spiritual deficiency. Irrespective of whether we are religious or atheist, all human beings are spiritual by nature and spirituality is the cornerstone of our recovery.” Dr. Abraham Twerski

Spiritual Counselling sessions are £50 per hour.

Face to Face sessions are based in Brighton, and telephone appointments are available. Contact Me to ask questions or book a session.

“We have tried everything to get rid of suffering. We have gone everywhere to get rid of suffering. We have bought everything to get rid of it. We have ingested everything to get rid of it. Finally, when one has tried enough, there arises the possibility of spiritual maturity with the willingness to stop the futile attempt to get rid of it and, instead, to actually experience suffering. In that momentous instant, there is the realization of that which is beyond suffering, of that which is untouched by suffering. There is the realization of who one truly is." Gangaji

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a session? In a spiritual counselling session, sacred space is created together through the use of techniques such meditation, breath work, prayer or silence. All spiritual practices will be led by whatever your own beliefs and inclinations may be, whether you hold spiritual or religious beliefs, or not. Then, it is over to you to share whatever is coming up. I may ask questions and offer gentle feedback. At the end of the session, we usually close with a short spiritual practice.

How can I book?Contact Me by email to find a mutually convenient session time. You will then be sent details of how to pay for your first session in advance.

How many sessions will I need and how often will I need to come?It can be helpful to have at least 4-6 sessions. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, or in some situations, monthly. If you are have had spiritual counselling with me before, you may like to come back on an ad hoc basis when a need arises.

Do I need to have spiritual beliefs for it to work? It is not necessary to have spiritual beliefs to benefit from spiritual counselling. All you need is an openness and willingness to try it out. Sessions are completely client led, you bring to the session what you feel you need to share.

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great session last Thursday. It has been really useful, I feel much less tense and frustrated already - as if someone has gently pointed out that instead of trying to use my head to make a hole in the brick wall, I could maybe try opening the gate instead!! "

Anon, Southampton, U.K.

"I wanted to really thank you for the incredible work we did together.Thanks to you I have stepped back on my path and have to keep walking. "

Antonia Madden, Lewes, U.K.

"Rebecca's work as a spiritual counsellor has great integrity. She evokes a gentle yet powerful presence of holding and healing in which I always feel totally safe, heard and respected for who I am. I have made some profound shifts in my sessions with Rebecca. I love this way of working on my 'stuff'!"

Rev. Wendy Halstead, Interfaith Minister, Brighton, U.K.

"Rebecca is a skilled counsellor whose intuition and gentle exploration allows you to get to the centre of what needs to be acknowledged. She has the ability to let things unravel in a secure environment and her connection to spirit supports and guides the process. This connection also shows in the amazing rituals and ceremonies she conducts. There is a greart presence which supports and connects everyone and everything resulting in the ceremony unfolding in beautiful yet powerful way."

Maureen Pelling, Tunbridge Wells, U.K.

"When I sit with Rebecca during our spiritual counselling sessions, I experience being in a space that has distinctive qualities of presence and creative potential. In this space I often connect directly to my heart as I listen to the meditations and prayers that Rebecca voices, which tap into the essence of the particular issue or struggle I am bringing. Rebecca's powerful intuition is grounded in awareness, and she helps me to focus on the present moment during our sessions, which gives me a sense of peace and groundedness and connects me to my feelings. Working with Rebecca is an exciting and joyful experience, which always leaves me feeling uplifted and hopeful."

Emily, Croydon, U.K.

Please note that Spiritual Counselling is not a substitute for conventional therapy or psychiatric treatment. In the case of complex psychological conditions or severe mental health issues, conventional therapy is recommended.

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