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Workshops and Courses

I run workshops, groups, and courses on a number of spiritual topics. Some are women only, others are mixed. Together, we create sacred space and explore the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions. All workshops are grounded in respect for confidentiality, inclusion, group participation and sharing.

It is my aim to create a safe and supportive space for the wisdom of the group to emerge.Together, we bring all of our resources forth, encouraging empowerment and healing. Additionally I offer one to one tuition on finding a personal spiritual practice that works for you. Sessions can be face to face or via Skype or telephone .

"Thank you so much for the course at Atlantis last night. It was every bit as good as I hoped - just right. You are very gifted at this work!"

Phil West, London, U.K.

Courses and Workshops. Tarot Reading

Intuitive Tarot

An Exciting and Informative One Day Workshops

10.30am - 4.30pm Saturday July 20th, 2019 at Evolution Arts in Brighton, U.K.

Tarot reading can help you gain greater insight into your life and how to navigate choices that lay before you. Tarot cards are much more that fortune telling, they are tools for exploring our psyche. The 78 cards are imbued with rich symbolism that can unveil a deeper level of meaning and potential.

Working with Tarot symbolism can help you to see the patterns that underlie your life and how beliefs and conditioning can place limits on us. Through exploration of this, we can gain a wider perspective which can lead to being able to live more fully. Tarot can help you to gain confidence in listening to your intuition. You do not need to be psychic to read Tarot, instead we can open up to intuition which is innate in all of us.

In this one day course, participants will learn basic Tarot symbolism, and how to apply this within a Tarot reading. We will combine this with an intuitive approach to reading Tarot through telling a story about each card.

What you will get from the day-

A basic understanding of 78 tarot cards and how this can be applied to a Tarot spread.

A beginners knowledge of how to read Tarot for yourself and others.

Tools and tips to uncover your intuition.

3 Tarot spreads that can be used for a wide range of situations.

What you will need-

I recommend that students bring along a Rider-Waite Tarot deck. If you are unable to get a Rider Waite deck, I will have a couple of packs available for students. You are welcome to bring any deck, but please be aware that we will focus mostly on Rider Waite symbolism. You may like to bring a silk scarf to wrap your tarot cards in and to lay out spreads upon.

How to book-

Booking is via Evolution Arts. please book online or call them on 01273 204204.

Paganism, Wicca and Earth Based Spirituality

An Informative and Inspiring One Day Workshop

10.30am - 4.30pm Saturday 27th July 2019 at Evolution Arts Brighton U.K.

Paganism and Wicca has been described as the fastest growing religion in Britain today. Many people are feeling drawn to live in deeper connection to the seasons and cycles of the earth, and feel attracted to the energy and power of the moon. There is a great fascination with stone circles and their connection with winter and summer solstice. The power of the sea, wind, stars and earth is a living spirituality for many.

In this workshop we will explore-

What exactly is paganism and how is it relevant in our lives today?

What is Wicca? What is Witchcraft- white and so-called black witchcraft misnomers explained

Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter Festivals

Working with Moon Cycles

The power of trees, plants and herbs

Myths of Goddesses and Gods from Celtic, Egyptian and Greek traditions and how working with myth can help us to understand ourselves more deeply

How is ceremony and ritual used to mark the passage of time and connect us more deeply with the vitality of the earth

How to book-

Booking is via Evolution Arts. Please book online or call them on 01273 204204.

Courses and Workshops. Spiral

Honouring The Dark Goddess

Facing The Shadow Within Ourselves

A One Day Samhain Workshop

In this one day workshop, we will examine facets of the dark mother, the goddess who embodies death, impermanence and the shadow. The goddess Inanna descended to the underworld as a conscious choice, facing her dark sister Ereshkigal and all that she embodies. The goddess Kali sprung from the brow of Durga, rising up to slay the most brutal enemy of the Hindu Gods. The festival of Samhain, or Halloween, is a time when the veils between the worlds are thin. Life and death are part of one great continuum. Together we will explore ways in which honouring the dark can bring strength and meaning to our lives.

Contact me to find out more about this workshop. This workshop will run again in Autumn 2019.

"THANK YOU for a rich and fascinating day. I learnt a lot, deepened knowledge I already had - and felt very held throughout.You are an extremely skilled and supportive facilitator. I told everyone at the London meeting the next day to rush and sign up for any and every workshop you offer!"

Joanna Ryam, London

Courses and Workshops. Kali

Spirituality For Busy People

New Workshops Coming Soon

Do you feel drawn to exploring your spiritual life but feel you never have the time?

Would you like to create a daily spiritual practice that works for you?

Would you like to meet a group of like-minded people who are also open to spiritual exploration?

Then this workshop is for you!

In this half day course, we will explore:

- meditation practices

- spiritual teachers

- a whistle-stop tour of religious and spiritual traditions.

We use the process of heart centered sharing to deepen our connection with one another and to open to greater levels of self- awareness.

Contact me to find out more about this workshop.

Courses and Workshops. Lotus

Healing Faith and Spirituality Issues

Many of us have come from religious backgrounds that we no longer feel connected to. Some of us feel pain around our religious and spiritual past. Some words used to describe faith can evoke a sense of fear or anger. These triggers may form barriers to feeling connected to a source of life greater than ourselves. This 1 day workshop explores the concepts that have been formed around the idea of God. We ask the questions, is God a loving God, a healing God, a forgiving God? Together we open to healing from the past, explore what it is to have a connection to the Divine, and open dialogue around religious tolerance and forgiveness.

Exploring Faith and Spirituality- a workshop for counsellors, therapists, voluntary sector organisations and community groups

In this workshop, participants explore questions of faith and spirituality and how this relates to working with clients from diverse faith backgrounds. We touch upon mainstream faith traditions, explore case studies and examine our own beliefs and prejudices about religion, faith and spirituality. Together we discuss strategies for how we can provide a service to clients that is inclusive and sensitive to culture and belief.

This workshop draws upon my background in Community Development Work and Equality and Diversity. Please contact me to discuss your needs around this workshop, as I can tailor it to your own requirements.

"Rebecca ran a spirituality workshop for the As You Are Counselling Service in 2010; it was a real treat to be part of this wonderful day workshop. Rebecca’s attention to detail and her genuine skill for creating and holding a sacred space ensured all participants felt part of the experience from the outset. We were presented with opportunities to explore our own meaning of spirituality and faith, how faith could impact on the therapeutic alliance, and prejudices and stereotypes. As Service Manager I received very positive feedback from all counsellors that attended the workshop, and counsellors continue to share instances where the workshop has been useful in their practice. Rebecca is skilled and thoughtful facilitator and I would highly recommend this workshop for any professionals working with diverse client groups.”

Nicky Hitchcock , Service Manager As You Are Centre, Southwick, U.K.

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