Rebecca D'arcy Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor

Tarot Consultations with Rebecca

A tarot consultation with me offers a rich opportunity to explore what’s happening in your life. It can bring clarity to unresolved questions, help you gain a wider perspective and can shine light on any challenges that you may be working through. Tarot can help you to undercover your life path and gain a sense of direction and purpose.

I offer insightful guidance, focused attention, empathy, clarity and direction. In your consultation, we will explore options that can leave you feeling self-empowered and better equipped plan a way forward. I combine traditional tarot interpretation with spiritual counselling skills and intuitive guidance.

I have worked with tarot for over 20 years, and have a wide range of experience reading for clients in professional environments.My readings have been described as accurate and insightful, clear and reassuring. I love the way that tarot can help people to grow and uncover their true potential. It is an honour to walk alongside and support people who are taking control of their destiny.


1 hour £50.00

30 minutes (Skype and Telephone only) £30.00

1-1 Tarot Tuition 1 hour £50.00

Contact me to book your session

Tarot. Tarot Reading

Tarot. Tarot Reading Rebecca D'arcy

What Happens in a Tarot Consultation with Rebecca

Some reasons people have tarot consultations:

Clarity- discussing issues and concerns in a safe, therapeutic and impartial space.

Guidance- exploring decisions, help with prioritising, deciding what’s important.

You can ask any question, however it is important to be aware that you are responsible for outcomes to your decisions and choices. The tarot can offer guidance as to what path to take, in a tarot consultation with me you can explore your decisions with guidance from the cards

There are many reasons for choosing to have a tarot consultation. People often come for a reading when they are at a crossroads, feeling stuck or decisions need to be made.

Maybe you have a lot going on, and you would like to take time out to explore issues and choices. Tarot can give you an opportunity to explore the various influences and factors that may be around you, and may help you to find a way forward.

You may like to explore issues that are currently presenting in your life and to explore meaning, purpose and direction.

How tarot works:

Tarot is a window into the unconscious realms that lie deep within you. The cards reflect what is going on in your mind and heart. Each card has a several layers of meanings which are depicted in symbols and pictures. Pictures help us to access a level of understanding which is deeper than the level of everyday consciousness and thought.

A tarot consultant interprets symbols, pictures, colours and various other factors in the cards. If the consultant has a psychic ability, they will also be able to pick up energy, emotions and other information. When a client gives permission for a tarot consultation to take place, both consultant and client enter into a deep dialogue where the symbols are explored. I have intuitive and psychic ability which I draw upon in consultations.

What a reading is not:

A tarot reading is a guide, and an outline of where you are not and where you are heading. Any predictions given are for guidance only, and will be offered to you to see if you feel a connection with it.


All consultations are held in the strictest confidentiality. I do not keep records of personal information gathered.

I hold a compassionate, non-judgmental space.

Your contact details are kept securely under guidance from GDPR regulations. If you wish me to remove your contact details from my mailing list, Contact me to unsubscribe.

I treat everyone with equal respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or orientation, age or disability. It is with great regret that I do not have wheelchair access at my face to face tarot studio.

I do not predict the future. I use tarot as a guide and a tool for working with current choices.

As an Interfaith Minister, I abide by the Interfaith Foundation’s code of ethics and am a member of the IMA.

It is important not to become dependent on tarot readings, therefore if I feel that you are coming too often, we will discuss this together and look at other options for support.

Booking procedure:

Contact me to agree a mutually suitable date and time for your consultation.
I require payment in advance to secure your booking.

Please Note:
I have a very strict policy on cancellation and nonattendance. I require a full 48 hours’ notice if you would like a refund or would like to reschedule your appointment. Any tarot consultations cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice is non-refundable.

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