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About Rebecca

I have held a lifelong commitment to a spiritual path, believing in our innate ability to awaken our consciousness far beyond what is commonly held as ‘normal’. As a child, I just knew there was something ‘more’, and I have dedicated my life to finding and experiencing this.

I started practicing daily meditation and learning about ritual and ceremony when I was 17. My spiritual foundations began with learning the craft of ritual from several teachers grounded in The Western Mystery Tradition, Qabalah and Women’s Spirituality. I took initiation as a Priestess of the Goddess at age 21.

When in my late 20’s, I created Women’s Spirituality Circle, which is a 12-week course that gave women the opportunity to come together in sacred space and learn about earth-based spirituality, ritual and the Goddess. I wrote this course based on what I had been taught from my spiritual teachers and experiences from groups that I had taken part in.

I have a strong calling to create and hold spiritual space for individuals and groups. I wrote and delivered a series of courses on spiritual topics. I have worked for many years as a professional tarot consultant, offering sessions based in new age shops in Britain and America. I also worked in social care, providing support services to vulnerable adults, working at management level within supported housing and mental health.

"It is my heart felt intention that all that I offer is infused with the spirit of loving kindness, acceptance and respect for our uniqueness. Through coming together in spiritual space, deep and lasting transformations can occur. When we make meaningful changes in our own lives, this in turn ripples out towards all that we encounter." Rebecca D'arcy

In 2006, I ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. I was drawn to study with the Interfaith Foundation through a heart-felt appreciation for the teachings of many diverse faiths and mystical traditions, and the belief that each faith is a facet of the one diamond that we call the Divine Presence.

In 2008, I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher. In 2009/10 I undertook a mentoring, group facilitation and spiritual counselling programme with the Interfaith Foundation. Following this, I worked extensively with ceremony, group facilitation and spiritual counselling. I am currently studying Psychosynthesis, which is a transpersonal approach to psychological therapy.

Meditation and ceremonial work form the basis of my own personal spiritual practice, using invocation and symbolism to bring about connection to the inner planes and to align the personality with the soul. I have a strong calling to the Goddess, and the mythological and mystical teachings of Ancient Egypt. I am inspired by many other traditions including African syncretism, Wicca, Non Duality and Hinduism. I am inspired by many contemporary teachers, including Byron Katie, Gangaji , Caroline Myss, Jack Kornfield and Julia Cameron.

"Deep within the core of each of us is limitless potential for joy and ever expanding awareness." Rebecca D’arcy

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What People Say

Spiritual Counselling

"I wanted to really thank you for the incredible work we did together. Thanks to you I have stepped back on my path and have to keep walking. "

Antonia Madden, Lewes, U.K.

"Rebecca's work as a spiritual counsellor has great integrity. She evokes a gentle, yet powerful presence of holding and healing in which I always feel totally safe, heard and respected for who I am. I have made some profound shifts in my sessions with Rebecca. I love this way of working on my 'stuff'!"

Rev. Wendy Halstead, Brighton, U.K.

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great session last Thursday. It has been really useful, I feel much less tense and frustrated already - as if someone has gently pointed out that instead of trying to use my head to make a hole in the brick wall, I could maybe try opening the gate instead!! "

Anon, Southampton, U.K.

"Rebecca is a skilled counsellor whose intuition and gentle exploration allows you to get to the centre of what needs to be acknowledged. She has the ability to let things unravel in a secure environment and her connection to spirit supports and guides the process. This connection also shows in the amazing rituals and ceremonies she conducts. There is a greart presence which supports and connects everyone and everything resulting in the ceremony unfolding in beautiful yet powerful way."

Maureen Pelling, Tunbridge Wells, U.K.

Workshops and Courses

"THANK YOU for a rich and fascinating day. I learnt a lot, deepened knowledge I already had - and felt very held throughout. You are an extremely skilled and supportive facilitator. I told everyone at the London meeting the next day to rush and sign up for any and every workshop you offer!"

Joanna Ryam, London

"Thank you so much for the course at Atlantis last night. It was every bit as good as I hoped - just right. You are very gifted at this work!"

Phil West, London, U.K.

"The Women’s Spirituality Circle deeply affected me. It was so good to perceive spirituality from a female perspective and to feel it as a liberation and support of my transformation. Rebecca’s teaching style and guided meditations reached the centre of my being and I give thanks for having taken part."

Akila Richards, Brighton, U.K.

"I have learned so much about ritual, the elements, beliefs ….and mostly about myself. I have made some amazing friends who I hope will share my life’s journey. I cannot encourage everyone enough to take this journey. I feel alive again, and would strongly recommend Rebecca and any course she runs,she is a true professional."

Jo Henderson, Eastbourne, U.K.

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the warm embrace that I have experienced in my recent Circle Workshop led by Rebecca who held us all in a loving and safe space in which to explore informatively some of the many deities alongside Mother Earth and all it has to offer as part of our self discovery. The meditations were enlightening and joyful. We had a wonderful opportunity to express ourselves honestly and openly amongst our sisterhood and I learned more about myself and the potential I have to tap into my own intuition.
Thank you so much.

Love and blessings, Jac x"

"Rebecca ran a spirituality workshop for the As You Are Counselling Service in 2010; it was a real treat to be part of this wonderful day workshop. Rebecca’s attention to detail and her genuine skill for creating and holding a sacred space ensured all participants felt part of the experience from the outset. We were presented with opportunities to explore our own meaning of spirituality and faith, how faith could impact on the therapeutic alliance, and prejudices and stereotypes. As Service Manager I received very positive feedback from all counsellors that attended the workshop, and counsellors continue to share instances where the workshop has been useful in their practice. Rebecca is skilled and thoughtful facilitator and I would highly recommend this workshop for any professionals working with diverse client groups.”

Nicky Hitchcock , Service Manager As You Are Centre, Southwick, U.K.

"I attended the Inanna workshop and it was a brilliant and enlightening day. I met some really interesting people and Rebecca is a sensitive and skillfull facilitator."

Jayne Rogers, Croyden, U.K.


"I found that Rebecca D'arcy was extremely well prepared, held the energy very safely and conveyed a very strong presence in all the rituals and ceremonies in which I have been present. I would highly recommend Rebecca for all types of ceremonies."

Beverly Wyburn, Melbourne, Australia

"Rebecca conducted a beautiful handfasting ceremony on the 1st May'15 for my daughter Sarah and Louis her partner. Rebecca created the ceremony to enable family members to participate whilst her insightful words, calming influence and control of the ceremony was very comforting to the couple and guests alike. It was an enlightening experience which seemed so very earthy, human, heartfelt and natural. Thank you so much."

P. Strickland, Canada.

"Our handfasing was truly the most magical day, my husband and I felt so blessed and surrounded by love, and all of our family and friends said the same. There was a wonderful feeling and connection to everyone and everything around us as if the whole ceremony was an extension of the love we have and share with all of them. Rebecca spent a lot of time and care to make the ceremony so personal to us and our families, making everyone feel involved and important. We really felt and still do feel so held and supported by the beautiful, relaxed and love filled wedding! It is something we will always hold so dear to our hearts. Thank you so much Rebecca."

Victoria Auton, Brighton, U.K.

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